Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally, A Visual Anchor for You

Most of my posting thus far has been related to my Grandpa G's side of the family.  That's the place where I started because he was careful to preserve documents and pictures, so the bulk of my information comes from him.  I got into some pictures tonight because it's Labor Day weekend and Friday, and pictures tend to be easier than letters, I think.  I love that I can get from these pictures a more lively image of some family characters who are still a little flat to me.

I hope that these pictures will help us all get some visual anchors for all of these other stories and tidbits.  So, I give you now my Grandma and Grandpa, back together after the war, in 1945 with their three children.  My dad is the one on Grandpa's lap. 

Oh - and I have looked for a photo of Dow, who wrote the letter in the previous post - but have been woefully unsuccessful thus far.

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