Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scanning Begins

I could hardly wait for my daughter to go to sleep so I could get into scanning my new treasures!  I fretted about turning on the air conditioner to keep the documents safe (the documents that had been in my mom’s unheated and uncooled garage for the past few years), but the weather is so mild and we’ve been so happy leaving it off that I couldn’t bring myself to turn it on now.  I decided instead to bring the dehumidifier up to the office.

My palms would NOT stop sweating because I was so excited, so I did a lot of hand washing that night.  I worked from about 9:00 until about 1:00 a.m.  The letters were mostly between my Grandpa G’s parents while they were courting, from 1903-1905.  My Great Grandpa Joe and Great Grandma Nelle wrote to each other through the week, maybe?  And then seemed to see each other on Sundays sometimes, and maybe other times as well.  They began each letter with “Dear Friend” and closed with “yours only” or “ever your friend” and similar.  They seemed to have a sense of humor (or what seems like a dry sense of humor is really them being crabby – but I’m pretty sure it’s the former).  They didn’t get flowery, but there does seem to be some flirting happening in a subtle way.  I’ll put my favorite from each below - once I get my procedures figured out.  The large files are making my computer move like molasses, so once I make them small we'll be in business and you'll get a peek!

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